New year!

last updated: January 4, 2017.

A lot happened in 2016: Prince died, we found Dory, Pokemons were once again trendy, India announced demonetization (demonization?), and America got Trumped. Unfortunately, my life isn't a (a*sin + b*cos) wave of this amplitude - but I've had immense learning experiences. A few days into the new year and I'm extremely excited to help organize the HUII conference (! I can't wait to moderate a panel with 4 wonderful VCs and Startup founders. If you have a burning question you'd like to ask VC's/founders, let me know. If I do happen to ask your question on stage, I'll get back with the answer.

Also, I am currently working with a (semi-secret?) startup based in Mountain View, CA. How cool is that? A lot of robotics follows...

Positive rate of rate of learning

last updated: October 8, 2016

This has been my most exciting semester thus far, for many reasons. I just learned my statistics professor Joe Blitzstein's Ph.D. advisor was Persi Diaconis. You can imagine how excited I may have been to show Joe my card magic. Econ 1057, my first course in Game Theory, has taught me the most incredible applications of math to life (without assuming rationality!): modeling morality, modesty, omission-commission and more. Being a part of Harvard US-India Initiative has been wonderful, as I can now better empower and influence my community back home. Lastly, I am working hard with a friend of mine to accelerate my startup idea and transform it into reality. More on that soon! Apologies for the boringly objective monotone of this short. Here's my picture with Lawrence Krauss, and more, to make up for that.

Time's up

last updated: August 24, 2016

With two days left for the sophomore year to begin, time's nearly up. I have had a great summer thus far: visited my home in India, performed research at the Agile Robotics Laboratory, practised card magic, learned about interesting math, and cooked (Well, heated dehydrated food with water.) For long through the break, I felt very lost: what shall I concentrate in? What courses and activities shall I pursue?. Only to realise that I need to be lost to find myself. I hope the courses this year help me better determine how I can attain my ultimate goal: to build tangible products for society to benefit from. 

Research @ Harvard

last updated: August 9, 2016

It is incredible to study abstract mathematical structures like quaternions (4 dimensional numbers) and apply such theory to practice with ~ $1M camera equipment. The Agile Robotics Laboratory at Harvard has enabled me to work on precisely what I so dearly love: the intersection of Physics, Mathematics, and CS; I love to question while Zac - the postdoc in the picture - loves to explain. We are working on creating non-linear estimation algorithms & mechanical morphing wing mechanisms for aggressive UAV flight maneuvers.