Parth Mehta

Mathematician by birth, Mathemagician by choice.


Latest happening

last updated: January 4, 2017

A lot happened in 2016: Prince died, we found Dory, Pokemons were once again trendy, India announced demonetization (demonization?), and America got Trumped. Unfortunately, my life isn't a (a*sin + b*cos) wave of this amplitude - but I've had immense learning experiences. A few days into the new year and I'm extremely excited to help organize the HUII conference (! I can't wait to moderate a panel with 4 wonderful VCs and Startup founders. If you have a burning question you'd like to ask VC's/founders, let me know. If I do happen to ask your question on stage, I'll get back with the answer.

Also, I am currently working with a (semi-secret?) startup based in Mountain View, CA. How cool is that? A lot of robotics follows...

My philosophy

Life is intrinsically meaningless; we live for a few factorial seconds and dissolve into history. To strive to create a change despite this truth requires one to deform reality and perceive it through the lens of intellectual vitality - a side effect of which is an infinite amount of motivation to learn and innovate.

Fulfillment is a result of a change - a flux. Not living a life on the edge only guarantees lesser chances for failures and learnings. Intellectual risk is thus the most probable path to fulfillment and Harvard College is an excellent place to do so.

Of all virtues that matter most, grace under pressure enables one to eloquently solve a problem while being mindful. Calmly evaluating a problem despite pandemonium is the essence of confidence. 



My Love Chart

Note: I attempt to update the conditional probabilities as and when possible.